Hey there! Welcome to my cozy Internet living room.

I'm Claire, and here on my bloga continuation of the one I started 15 years ago (have fun chuckling at high school moi)you'll find stories of the good things in ordinary life, tips + reflections on personal writing, and celebrations of people + their passions. Writing has always been my way of processing the world, and inspiration comes from every facet of my life: faith, family, friends, justice, travel, daily life, sports, pop culture... and who knows what new thing will crop up today? These days, I'm especially interested in figuring out my role as a white ally for my sisters and brothers of color. I'm also drawn to writing about the concept of home, and what that means for my millennial generation. 

By day I enjoy a rewarding and challenging job in higher ed communications; in my off time, I write my own stuff, edit pieces for others (email me for rates and questions!), and devour fiction + nonfiction. I earned my BA in English from Davidson College (where I minored in watching a guy named Steph Curry play ball), then my MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Goddard College (polar vortex winters and luscious green summers). Getting that second degree meant reading/analyzing 49 novels + memoirs, turning in five critical papers, teaching once a week, and writing the first draft of my memoir over the span of two years. I'm currently in the process of polishing that manuscript, and hope it will be in bookstores for y'all to pick up one of these days.

In real life and on the page, I'm an "extroverted introvert" INFJ who inherited my father's enthusiasm for connecting with others, my mother's appreciation of calm and quiet, and my little brother's enjoyment of epic sports moments and superhero flicks. If I'm not in the midst of my own words, you can find me drinking tea, beaming at Parks & Recreation or covering my eyes during Game of Thrones, singing loudly in the car, rereading Harry Potter, hanging out at church, taking photos, or (most often and combined with these) spending time with my people. I'm married to Sean, my favorite travel partner who also plays baseball, cooks the best breakfasts, and has a brain that's both artistic and analytical. Our sweet black lab rescue, Lucy, rounds out our household.

I have two hopes for this space: First, that my words might offer a small haven of peace and gratitude in our chaotic world. And secondly, that those words might motivate you to write your own. Let me know how I can help you on that journey.

P.S. Big shout outs to the gifted Grace Barkley (logo) and Kristen Wright (head shots) for helping me look all professional!

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