The Friday Five: happy people on TV + good people in real life

Moments from this week saving my life, giving me life... What are yours?

1. #Gram4Ham. If you're a fan of musical theater and haven't yet heard "Hamilton," well then, I don't know what to tell you. I bought the full soundtrack a couple of months ago and it is as phenomenal as everyone says. After listening so much, it was awesome to get to SEE the opening number performed on the Grammys. And the joy of the moment multiplies with Lin-Manuel Miranda's epic rap acceptance speech. (The first time I ever saw him was when he gave his first Tony epic rap acceptance speech for "In the Heights" in 2008. And he had no paper on that one.) Also, his Twitter feed is worth a follow.

2. Downton Abbey. The last season has been great so far. Tom Branson's journey as a character has been one of my favorite things to watch over six years, and Mrs. Hughes tricking Carson into cooking was pretty much the best thing ever last week.

3. Writing class/coaching, and gratitude. "Thank you so much for doing this." I've heard that a couple of different times this week from people in my writing class, and I'm so happy they feel they're getting something out of it. I certainly am, by hearing their stories.

4. My women's group. I love my Wednesday women's small group at church, and definitely needed it this week. Everyone is at different points on their journey, but I always feel welcomed and supported, listened to but not judged. Grateful for that community.

5. This Mary Oliver poem posted by Momastery on Facebook. It resonated so much for me, an anxiety-prone INFJ worrier.

Honorable mentions: a massage last Saturday, this article on different types of therapeutic writing, and my friend Katherine's wonderful portrait of our late beloved Rusty dachshund.

Happy Friday, friends! Would love to hear your own Friday Five.