The Friday Five (on Saturday): Spring Forward!

A Friday Five on Saturday! That must mean it's been a good, busy week. What's been saving your life in these first days of spring weather (including but not limited to the spring weather itself)? Here are a few of mine...

1. Fun times at work - listening to female faculty talk about their latest books on Tuesday, then on Thursday a community cook-off on the patio. Both involved food and friends - what could be better? 

2. Speaking of patios and outdoors, SPRING FORWARD HAPPENED. We took our first post-Daylight Savings walk this week, hallelujah. I feel like I grow more and more attuned to when and how the light comes and goes every year. Did a little bit of gardening (a.k.a. turning over soil) too.

3. A long, fun catch up dinner with a friend on Wednesday night - we sat outside (I sense a theme emerging...) and several other friends stopped by our table as the night wore on, which was fun. I am grateful for community. 

4. Gathering with some of my favorite ladies to celebrate our friend's impending fourth child (and first girl!) last night with plenty of cheese, chocolate, and laughter - a great way to kickoff the weekend.

5. Hermione interviewed Hamilton, and it was awesome. If that sentence made no sense, a) you're missing out, and b) I'll backtrack so you're no longer missing out. Emma Watson (aka the brightest witch of her age) and Lin-Manuel Miranda (aka the ten dollar founding father without a father) talked for Watson's #HeForShe United Nations initiative, and I got warm feelings in my heart for both of them even more than I already had. You can watch all of the interview here, but my favorite part was when Emma beatboxed and Lin freestyled on gender equality. (Spellcheck is telling me that these aren't verbs, wake up Spellcheck.)

LMM: I'm SURE they were beatboxing on set during those movies!

EW: Oh yeah, English schoolkids, that's what we do all the time. We just beatbox.

Watch and get your smiles for the day. (I mean, doesn't that thumbnail make you smile on its own?) 

Honorable Mentions: I'd say it's pretty imperative to be able to laugh with your spouse, and we've done a lot of that lately; a sweet note from a sweet friend; meaningful writing sharing; two of my best friends connected randomly in Boston and sent me a picture; one of my oldest friends matched at her top med residency choice; the joy and memories that March Madness brings; lunch dates with my mama; an Irish sing-along at my grandmother's retirement community on St. Patrick's Day. Phew! I'm grateful.