10 things I did yesterday... instead of social media.

I usually try not to get on social media until after church/noon on Sundays, but yesterday I thought, "Why not keep it going?" (Full disclosure: I took about twenty seconds and posted one photo, but didn't check back until today.) Here's what happened.

Slept til 9.

Ate peanut butter toast, scrambled eggs, and chicken sausage with Sean.

Went to church and sang hopeful hymns and listened to Pastor Alice talk about the sin of sloth - not necessarily laziness as we think of it, but indifference.

Ate my lunch at the dining room table with sunlight streaming in. Started reading A Feast for Crows (Game of Thrones #4). Ate four strawberries and four Thin Mints and three Tagalongs and drank tea.

Got an unexpected phone call from a beloved faraway friend and talked for an hour.

Stood outside for five minutes and listened to two birds calling back and forth to one another from different trees. Looked at my reflection in the glass door and decided my hair looks really nice glinting in the sun. Found the first bloom in our backyard (pictured!).

Wrapped up in my blanket and sat outside in the warmth. Journaled by hand for thirty minutes which I haven't done in God knows how long. Read Still Writing by Dani Shapiro. 

Spent time with Sean when he got home from baseball.

Went to writing group.

Sat in front of the television with my legs crossed like a little kid and watched the last Downton Abbey, beaming one minute and bawling the next. (Golly, I adore these characters.)

So, you're probably thinking, it's not like she wouldn't have done these things if she had been checking Facebook and Twitter and Instagram during the day... but normally, I would have to add something to the end of those sentences above.

Slept til 9... and checked Facebook immediately after waking up. Went to church... and skimmed Instagram when I got bored. Sat outside and... looked at email. Spent time with Sean... with my eyes sometimes on my phone. Watched the last Downton... and followed along with everyone else on Twitter.

Social media is an important part of my life - I manage it at work, and connect with friends and family on it personally. But taking a full day's break made everything feel a little crisper, a little more meaningful. And I think this means that more social media-less Sundays are in my future.

P.S. You'll probably notice that I'm playing around with blog design these days - just trying to get a feel for what's best. Bear with me!