The Friday Five: Food & Fellowship.

Happy Opening Ceremonies Friday, friends! Oh how I love the Olympics. Ever since they came to my hometown twenty years ago, everything from the triumphant brass to the tension at the finish line has made me beam and shriek. And in the midst of all the horror in the world these days, it feels like we could use two weeks of the human spirit on display more than ever. Can't wait to see what's in store. (And I'm so excited for the team of refugees competing under the Olympic flag.)

Some other people, places, moments, and--let's be honest--food that's made this first week in August a good one:

We had a cooking extravaganza in the Lennox house last weekend--Sean spent all day Saturday making delicious red beans and rice and chicken gumbo from scratch, and on Sunday I made my favorite almond cake for the first time in I don't know how long. Needless to say, there's been some good eating going on for the rest of the week. 

At work we got briefed in CPR--not enough to get re-certified, but it was still good to be reminded of what to do, and in what order, and also to be reminded not to be afraid, but to know that you could make the difference in saving someone's life.

I got to have a girls' dinner with three women I've known since I was a toddler, women I've looked up to as big sisters since I was a child. It was wonderful to sit on the sunny restaurant patio and talk about anything and everything, listen to their reflections on life with kids, laugh, and eat a ton of queso dip.

Also at work, we had our last summer potluck. I really appreciate the chance we take for ten weeks every year to spend quality time together and contribute to a community meal. I tried two new recipes this year (spinach and broccoli quiches, and broccoli salad--I sense a theme), and both turned out well. The end of potluck season means that fall is definitely around the corner.

In random small things that make me smile, please enjoy the reactions of a packed Chicago bar to the Game of Thrones season six finale. You can watch videos for all of the ten episodes, which I'm going to do the next time I have a lazy day to spare.

The parade of nations is underway! What's gotten August off to a good start for you?