Advent 3.3: When waiting feels rushed

So, the day has arrived.

The day when you click on the sponsored Facebook article "33 Brilliant Gifts from Amazon with 2-Day Shipping that Don't Seem Last Minute."


The day that you go to CVS and buy $$$'s worth of stuff but forget to buy stamps to send the rest of the Christmas cards.

The day that you have to physically clear a spot at the dining room table before eating breakfast.

The 140th day in a row that you claimed you would clean your office.

The day you finish off the box of truffles and when the offer of a large ginger cookie comes from down the hall, you yell, "Of course!"

The day that all the negatives of the season begin to catch up with you and the forever flow of sugar pulses through your veins.

With six days to go, that's not so bad. There are always harried days in the midst of a journey, whatever it may be. But it feels like the frantic element of waiting is beginning to kick in. The doing part of waiting, as time winds down and speeds up all at once.

So what will you do when you get home tonight?

Let's be real: you'll get back on the computer and order a couple of the things you need to order. But then you'll put it away. You'll say the vespers prayers (It is good for me to be near God, I have made the Lord God my refuge). Go walk the dog, eat dinner, watch a bit of TV. Drink some Sleepytime tea. Get in bed early.

Quiet your soul.

[Photo: Tim Goedhart, Unsplash]