The Friday Five: Bear Hug.

Well friends, I think the world could use one of these to the left. (I saw this greeting card in Barnes and Noble the other week and couldn't resist.) Anything good I write feels small, but maybe if I keep writing, the good will grow. I don't know. Anyway. Here are some good parts of this long week.  

1. We got a new (slightly used) couch, for free, and it's a sectional so we both have a spot to lie down, and it's comfy, and cozy, and I don't want to get up. 

2. My friend and coworker brought her one-month old baby boy to visit the office, and it was so wonderful to see her and to finally meet him! It made me thankful (once again) for the sense of community, friendship, and support where I work.

3. A good dinner and catch up with a dear friend.

4. Our office summer potlucks are in full swing, and yesterday we made banana splits.

5. Tonight, finally Friday, husband, homemade pizza and The Wedding Singer.

Those are all small, and short, so I'll add one more: I don't think I could get through these shitty world moments without my community of faith. I'm grateful for the hymns, the prayers, the hugs, the space to both laugh and shed tears, the space and the people that make me believe in something greater than my small self. If you believe in something higher, or if you don't, find a community.

Peace, my friends. And you're all my friends.