The Friday Five (Senses).

This Friday I'm switching it up and channeling my friend and mentor Rosie Molinary, whose Friday reflections tend to take sensory form (and wind down with some wishes). I'd love to hear the best parts of your week, five senses or not. Share away, and happy Friday, y'all!

This week, here's some of what I've been...

Tasting: Sean's blueberry + pecan pancakes; tomato + goat cheese + basil sandwich and homemade potato chips from Saba; chicken tacos; veggie pizza from Pizza Bella + a chocolate sea salt King of Pops; lemon tea; peach + pineapple + blueberries + raspberries for breakfast (I'm already dreading the end of summer fruit season).

Hearing: Thunder and pouring rain, hallelujah! A wonderful phone catch up with my friend Carrie out in California; fascinating life stories from my memoir client; ideas for a high school reunion; my pastors' laughter; "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" echoing through the chapel. (I'm behind on FLOTUS Carpool Karaoke, but never fear, it's in my weekend plans.)

Smelling: The freshness of rain and cut grass, soap and sweat (this may be turning into Slughorn's Potions class...). 

Seeing: Wonderful friends (got to break bread with Becca, Barbara, and Jessie this week); the pile of papers on my home office desk slowly dissipating; the outside of Leslie Knope's beloved JJ's Diner (it's actually the Landmark Diner in ATL!).

Feeling: Grateful for four parents who we love and enjoy, and who enjoy each other; proud of exercising every day this week (and tired); all the praise hands for Jon Stewart's return; excited to meet my new cousin who was born today (congrats, Simon and Whitney!).

Wishing: For a more peaceful world, and, personally, for a better writing pattern and a bit more inspiration on that front. I did sign up for the September webinar conference from Writing For Your Life, which feels like it will be a good step as fall begins.